Creative Writing

Telling Your Story — from writing, to publishing, to publicity

If you are a creative writer or have always wanted to be, you’ve come to the right place for help!

  • Do you have a story you want to write but need help getting started? I can help you identify the story you want to write and work with you privately to help you meet your writing goals.
  • Making your work shine — I can work with you as an editor, reading your manuscript and suggesting ways to bring the story together more tightly as well as giving you a line by line edit.
  • Bringing your story to the world.  I can take you through the publishing process — including advice and assistance on the pursuing the traditional route of using an agent, publishing with a small press, or going your own route as an indie author with print on demand technology.
  • Book creation —  if you decide to do it yourself, I can provide assistance from identifying an online print on demand publisher to planning the book and creating it — including designing the interior file and the cover.
  • Promotion! Once your book is published — by a established press or through print on demand — it’s time to think promotion so that your readers can find out about your book. I can work with you to identify your audience, set up an author blog, a press release, and to identify review outlets and interviews.  I can also consult and manage social media campaigns for you including a Facebook author Page and Twitter account which can be incorporated into your author blog.

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